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Crystal Obscurity

Clearly Abstract

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Just a woman making her way through life.

I've got a few passions, as well as unavoidable bouts of fangirl-ism. Yu Yu Hakusho and Ninja Turtles are the strongest, as I'm addicted to the characters. I love exploring them through reading, writing, and conversations.

I'm an absurdly sociable recluse. I'll go on a road trip across the country, meeting people whom I've only spoken to online and attending whatever conventions I can afford to go to (which admittedly aren't many). I'll start a friendship in fandom that carries over to real life, or simply respond to a 'new in town- want to do the theme parks?' local community posting. Despite this nature to reach out to people, I still prefer my home to be peaceful and my down time to be secluded. I avoid drama with a severe allergic reaction, and would just as well stay in and read on many weekends.